Living with Pompe Disease

Living with Pompe disease is about more than just dealing with symptoms, understanding genetic issues, or juggling doctor appointments. It is also about living in the face of new physical and emotional challenges. This section offers resources and insights to help patients and caregivers deal with the effects of the disease on everyday life.

Patients should know that they are not alone. Although Pompe disease is rare, there are active patient groups and caring health professionals throughout the world who can help patients manage the challenges of living with this disease. While each experience will always be unique, reaching out to others can bring patients and caregivers both support and new perspectives on their situation.

Real Stories: Coping strategies from patients living with Pompe

Impact on Living

Pompe disease is a neuromuscular disease that results in progressive deterioration of a person’s health over time. Because it affects everyone differently, it is difficult to predict how exactly it will affect each individual’s life. Although many patients will likely find their own ways to cope with issues that arise, there are a number of strategies and sources of support that have helped people with Pompe disease and other neuromuscular diseases adapt to the kind of challenges they may encounter.

Genzyme Support Services

Learn how Genzyme can help people affected by Pompe disease with medical information, advocacy, treatment support, and more.

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Organizations & Websites

Get lists of online resources and worldwide organizations and associations that offer information, support, and more for people living with Pompe disease.

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