Resources & Support

The following support services and resources can provide assistance and information about Pompe disease:

  • Genzyme Support Services  
    We provide information and education, patient advocacy, and treatment support
  • The Pompe Registry  
    The Pompe Registry helps improve understanding of the disease by tracking information about patients and their experiences
  • Online Resources
    There are a variety of websites, patient organizations, and other groups that can provide information and support
  • Request Materials  
    Educational materials are available upon request
  • Glossary   
    For those learning about Pompe disease, our online glossary offers helpful definitions of many related terms

Genzyme Support Services

Learn how Genzyme can help people affected by Pompe disease with medical information, advocacy, treatment support, and more.

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Organizations & Websites

Get lists of online resources and worldwide organizations and associations that offer information, support, and more for people living with Pompe disease.

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